Bentonville General Dentistry

The Beginning of a Legacy of Smiles

Though the dedicated doctors and team provide a full range of cosmetic and restorative services to meet our patients’ most extensive dental challenges, your best dental health starts with general and preventive dentistry.

The first step toward a legacy of smiles is a comprehensive dental exam. At Adair Dental Arts, a comprehensive exam is the norm for our new patients. After that, we suggest receiving a comprehensive exam every 5 years or with every significant life or health change. You should expect to spend roughly an hour with Dr. Adair so we can ensure you receive the care you need.

Here at Adair Dental Arts, it’s our job to be concerned with your overall dental health. That means we’ll perform a visual and manual oral cancer screening as part of a comprehensive dental exam. We’ll check for unusual swelling or bleeding, spots, sores, numbness, and unexplained pain. Oral cancer is no different than other kinds of cancer – finding potential concerns early makes them easier to treat so you can get back to living life.

At Adair Dental Arts, we give our team high-tech tools so they can provide you with the best possible care. We choose digital x-rays that provide a complete look at your teeth. Digital x-rays expose our patients to less radiation than traditional x-rays and give us results in moments. We also use panoramic x-rays to get a scan of both your upper and lower jaws. Our DIAGNOdent employs laser technology to find tooth decay before we can see it, allowing us to treat the decay before it advances. These tools help us to do our job of creating a legacy of smiles.

Good dental hygiene is your job at home, but when you’re in the office, it’s our job. We choose Cavitron technology, which uses high-speed rotations and sound waves to deep-clean your teeth, removing stains and debris.

Bad breath, swollen or bloody gums, and loose teeth may be a sign of gum disease. At Adair Dental Arts, we treat gum disease as soon as possible. We’ll eliminate the bacteria causing the problem, then add a dose of the antibiotic ARESTIN in the pocket under your gum line. By providing thorough periodontal therapy now, we can prevent more extensive gum disease and more serious dental problems in your future.

Fluoride treatments are one of the foundations of good dental health. At Adair Dental Arts, we provide fluoride treatment to our adult patients as needed, while kids receive a fluoride treatment at every visit.

Adair Dental Arts offers custom-fitted mouthguards for a variety of reasons. If your child is involved in sports, a mouthguard will protect his or her teeth from damage during practice and competition. If you grind your teeth, a mouthguard can protect against the potential structural and cosmetic damage caused by this bad habit. If you suffer from TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), a mouthguard can promote correct jaw alignment and provide some relief from your discomfort. Visit our TMJ Treatment page to learn more.

The team at Adair Dental Arts wants you to be as comfortable as possible. We provide two anesthesia options — oral sedation and nitrous oxide — to keep you relaxed and free from pain while we go about the work of making sure your smile is at its best.

When emergencies happen, Adair Dental Arts is here for you. Depending on your emergency, we can usually get you in the same day. We don’t want one of our patients walking around town with a missing tooth. When our office is closed, we provide a cell phone number so you can catch up with us after hours.

High-tech equipment can’t replace a highly-trained and dedicated team. By combining the best of both at Adair Dental Arts, we can provide state-of-the-art treatment with a compassionate touch. Our computerized treatment rooms allow us to keep our gadgets within arm’s reach. Intraoral cameras give us images of your mouth in a snap so we can get a full picture of your dental health. When more information is necessary, our team uses the iTero intraoral scanner which captures 6,000 frames per second and transforms them into a 3D image in minutes. Our soft tissue laser allows us to perform a variety of procedures from crown lengthening to frenectomies quickly with minimal pain, bleeding, and recovery time for you. Our talented team and high-tech equipment give us a reason to smile. We’re sure they’ll do the same for you.