Is Cosmetic Dentistry Right for You?

added on: May 30, 2016
Is Cosmetic Dentistry Right for You?

Having strong, healthy teeth means more than just treating cavities and gum disease. Cosmetic dentistry covers a wide range of services, from tooth whitening to full-mouth restoration. But how do you know if you’re a candidate for cosmetic dentistry?

Unlike a toothache or other severe dental problems, discolored teeth don’t keep you from eating your favorite foods. They don’t cause you pain. So you go on with your life, smiling but keeping your mouth shut so no one sees your less-than-pearly whites.

Here’s the problem: when you don’t feel good about your smile, it can be more than just a cosmetic issue. It can affect your self-esteem, which can affect your personal relationships, your career, and your social life. Suddenly cosmetic dentistry doesn’t feel like something you should put off anymore, waiting until you have free time or a higher balance in your bank account.

If you’re thinking about cosmetic dentistry, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Have you been unhappy with your smile for quite some time?
  • Do you turn down social engagements because you’re embarrassed by your grin?
  • Have you caught yourself not speaking up in work meetings because you don’t want people to see your teeth?
  • Are you the one person in every photo who smiles half-heartedly with closed lips?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, it may be time to stop thinking about cosmetic dentistry and take the first step toward your best self. And the first step is talking to one of the compassionate, talented dentists at Adair Dental Arts.

If any issue is causing you to feel less than stellar about your smile, we have a solution to help. We’ll work with you to find an affordable way to get your smile gleaming, to have you looking and feeling your best in no time.